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TOLO Outdoor Lounge Chair FAQs

How do you inflate the TOLO?

  1. Take the TOLO out of the attached bag, unroll it completely and shake the fabric open like a garbage bag. Make sure to open both sides.
  2. Next, keeping the TOLO off to one side of your body, open the first side air chamber.
  3. With a quick, forward movement, grab air and close that side immediately.
  4. Lay the TOLO off to one side of your body again, repeating with the second side/ air chamber.
Generally it will take one to two times per side depending on whether you have any wind to help you. The TOLO will never look full at this point. As you roll the end closed 4-6 times, it will compress all the air and make the TOLO plump. Finally, bend the ends together to connect the buckle and enjoy!

How do you deflate the TOLO?
It is as simple as the inflation process. After unclipping the opening, most of the air will be released immediately so that you can start rolling your TOLO up from the stitched opposite end. Then, fold it up and put it in the attached TOLO bag.

    How long will the TOLO stay inflated?
    Due to the airtight TOLO and the specially designed closing mechanism, a fully blown TOLO will stay inflated for hours.

    What material is the TOLO made of?
    The TOLO exterior is made out of 70D ripstop nylon. It is a strong, lightweight, high quality fabric exclusively produced to resist the external influences with the focus on durability. This is not your typical cinch sack nylon. The 70D ripstop nylon used for the TOLO has a waterproof coating on it, further enhancing its durability.

    Where and on what kind of terrain can the TOLO be used?
    The TOLO can be used on almost any imaginable surface such as grass, sand, concrete, rocky terrain, water and even snow. This makes the TOLO your only choice for rugged outdoor adventures but also perfect for casual fun such as festivals, parks, beach and any other place you want to relax.
      What is the size and weight of the TOLO?
      The TOLO only weighs around 2 pounds! It's dimensions are 7 x 14 in (17 x 37 cm) when folded into the carrying bag. When fully pressurized, the TOLO has a spread of about 83 x 39 in (210 x 100 cm).
        What is the TOLO’s maximum weight capacity?
        Although the TOLO has been weight tested with over 600 lbs, we recommend during normal use that no more than 1-2 people use it at a time, depending on their weight (approx. 600 lb or 270 kg). Please do not jump on your TOLO at anytime.
          How do you secure the inflated TOLO against wind, while nobody is sitting on it?
          It is hard to imagine a moment when nobody wants to sit on the TOLO. However, just in case, you can easily tie the closing loop to anything you want or use the enclosed ground stakes through the tie-down loops located on each end to secure your TOLO.